Tires and Tired

My car needs some new tires. I guess it’s to be expected after driving nearly 65,000 km on the original tires – well, except for the one that I had replaced due to it getting all flat after a nasty nail decided to imbed it self in my tire. So yesterday I popped into Kal Tire to find out how much a new set of wheels was going to set me back. When I had the flat tire replaced, it was at the dealership, because I’d called the “Smart Move Assist” people (i.e., the roadside assistance for Smart Car drivers) and they’d towed me to the dealdership. And at the dealership, one measly tire cost me $300! I’ve been to Kal Tire a couple of times for slow leaks and both times they’d fix my tires up for *no charge* and the service had been quick, friendly, and courteous. That’s exactly the kind of business I like to support1, so now that it’s time to replace the tires, that’s where I’m getting them. They had to order them in, so I have an appointment to replace them next Wednesday. The cost will be $831 – or less, if it turns out that I don’t need to have them balanced2. That’s *considerably* cheaper than the dealership3.

So, given that I have an appointment to get all new tires next week, naturally my tire pressure indicator light went off on the way to work this morning. Now, tire pressure indicator lights are a funny thing. The light comes on to tell you that the pressure in a tire or tires is low, but it doesn’t tell you which one. It *knows* which one – it’s monitoring the pressure of each tire after all, but it doesn’t think that it’s relevant information to provide to you. Stupid tire pressure indicator light.

Anyway, my first thought was “Really, tires? You couldn’t just be fine for one more week?” Because I *hate* filling up my tires with air. It’s such a hassle and it only ever happens when it’s cold and rainy out and the last thing you want is to be fiddling with those tiny little valve caps when your fingers are frozen.

After considering whether I could just pretend I didn’t see the indicator light for the next week, I decided that perhaps I should take safety seriously and just Suck It Up, Princess! As it turns out, all 4 tires were about 10 psi low, so it’s a pretty good thing that I decided to fill them up. And I really noticed a difference driving on properly inflated tires! Who have thunk that?4.

I think I have to add “buy a tire pressure gauge” to my to do list.

In other news, I just got back from a hockey game, after a workshop, after filling up my tires, after a full day of work, after a 7 am periodontist appointment. I’m tired!

  1. Note: I have no affiliation to Kal Tire. I just like to give credit where credit is due. []
  2. They’ll find that out when they get the car up on the hoist. []
  3. Not that I’m surprised. Smarts are sold by Mercedes, so you just know the dealership is not going to be cheap! []
  4. Answer: Everyone. []

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  • You don’t have a tire pressure gauge!?!?
    You need one. And if you don’t want to fill them you can just go to a full serve gas station and ask the attendant to do it, just be sure to tell him what pressure you want them at. And it would be nice to tip him($5) for it, especially if it means he’s checking all 4.


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