WTF is going on in the apartment across the street from me?

This happens in the apartment across the road from me every night:

The lights flash on and off over and over and over again for several minutes. Then the flashing slows down and stops and the lights stay on after that. Sometimes you can see someone walking around in there when this happens and sometimes not.

Does anyone have *any clue* wtf is going on over there? We can’t for the life of us think of any reasonable explanation.

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  • You know how in the X-Files, Mulder used to put tape in an X shape on his apartment window and shine a lamp through it to let his inside informer know that he needed to talk? Maybe it’s something like that?

    (Although it’s probably a signal to their dealer / someone they’re having an illicit affair with, rather than someone with inside knowledge of a massive government conspiracy involving aliens and/or genetically modified bees. But the latter is cooler if you’d like to further develop your own narrative on this matter).


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