Epic Fail of Unawesomeness

Yesterday, I was so distracted by trying to get some work done as well as prepare for our soirée, that I completely and utterly forget to do any physical activity for the November Threeway Challenge of Awesomeness! Having almost forgotten the previous day’s NaBloPoMo post, I made sure to do a posting, but the whole physical activity thing completely slipped my mind! I was so bad, in fact, that I didn’t even leave the building! Save for a couple of trips to the parkade to take out the recycling and many trips to the lobby to let my guests in, I didn’t even leave the apartment!

I’ve been lax with scheduling physical activity into my calendar every day, thinking “oh yeah, I’ve got a good idea of what I’ll do every day this week. Clearly, that was not the case! I’ve now scheduled in in for the rest of the month though – you won’t catch me making the same mistake twice!

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