Hey, remember that time that I had braces? And then decided that I should complete the job and get some restorative dentistry done to prettify my teeth? Well, I finally got around to get everything in order for that and have even had the necessary models made up.

This is a model of what my teeth look like right now:


You can see that my front teeth are shorter than they should be – worn away over the years due to being dead for so long, and from the fact that when I smashed them up as a kid, there were giant chips in them that have been filled in with whatever substance it is that they use to fill in chips in teeth. That substance seems to wear away much easier than an actual healthy tooth would. You can also see a ridge on the right front tooth1 – that’s where the chip was filled in. It wasn’t really a very smooth job that was done to fill it in, clearly. You can also see a chip in the tooth just to the left of my left front tooth and my canines (especially the right one) are pretty flat, rather than having a little bit of a point that the canines naturally have.

After making the model of the current state of my teeth, the lab also made up a model of what my new teeth will look like:


Notice how they are all even and suchlike? And they’ll also be stronger than my current zombie teeth.

The next step is to actually go in and have my teeth “prepped” – where they shave down the dead teeth to put the crowns on and then install some crowns that I try out for about a week or so to make sure that I like them. That appointment will take five hours! Five! Hours! This totally does not sound like any fun at all – I am impatient at the best of times and even a short wait for something makes me think “I could be using this time to be so much more productive!” But I guess one must suffer for beauty!

The dentist advised me to wear something comfy and bring my iPod with stuff I want to listen to and then they wrap me up in a blanket and I have to sit in that dental chair for, did I mention?, five hours while they work in my mouth. I’ve booked it for a Monday after a weekend when I have classes2 – I’m hoping that I’ll be tired enough to actually take a nap during all of this. That’s totally likely, right?

Unrelated: Apparently my previous blog posting was my 2300th blog posting. That is a lot of freaking blog postings.

  1. And a red pen mark, which isn’t actually on my real tooth! []
  2. In mid-April. []

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