I am a cyborg again!


In anticipation of today’s installation of my braces, I took a (very rare) photo of my fugly, fugly teeth.  I figured I’d want a “before” photo of how awful they are now to remind myself what they looked like when they are all pretty at the end of this.

Day 134

Notice how the canine tooth on the right side of the photo is way too high.  The one next to it, though you can’t really tell from this photo, is way too far back.  As well, my two front teeth are cracked – they are ones that were root canalled when I was a kid, so they are dead and cracked and ugly.  After the braces – assuming they don’t fall out – I’ll get some restorative dentistry done to make them pretty. If they do fall out, then it’s implants, making me even more cyborg-ish than I already am!

Anyway, I got said braces installed this morning and here’s what they look like:

Day 135

Let the teasing commence!

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