Happy Birthday, Sis!

Nancy & her Mexican hot chocolate It’s my sister’s birthday today and I want to wish her the happiest of days and many, many more!

For those of you who don’t know my sister, she is a remarkable woman. A harder working person you will not find1. She’s brilliant, creative, endlessly energetic, and hilarious, not to mention kind, giving, and willing to do crazy things like, say, hang off the side of one of the world’s tallest buildings. Despite having way too many things on her plate2, she’s never to busy to help a sister out when she needs, say, a poster or a logo designed3, or you need advice on just about anything, because did I mention she is brilliant?

She came to visit me in June and, because I’m a delinquent, I appear not to have taken any photos, so instead I give you this photo from our trip to Portland a few years back, at our favourite Mexican restaurant with a delicious Mexican hot chocolate. Nancy, may your birthday be as delightful as a million Mexican hot chocolates and a million Voodoo Doughnuts! Love you! Happy birthday!

  1. And coming from me, that’s saying something, if I do say so myself. Which I just did. []
  2. Full time grad school, practically full-time work, and raising kids to boot. []
  3. She designed that poster for me for a conference I went to, as well as the company logo for my MBA group’s business plan project, and helped me come up with a kickass card for a recent presentation I had to do with another group in another class, and now she’s working on a wordmark for my “professional” blog. []

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