Happy 8th Blogiversary, Not To Be Trusted With Knives!

Eight years ago today, I started this blog. If my blog were a person, it would be in grade 3 right now. Someone should probably bake my blog a cake.

OK, so I was totally kidding about the cake, but then I just looked on Flickr and people have seriously baked cakes for their blogs. Now someone really needs to bake me a cake!






Cake on fire


Image Credits (all with Creative Commons licenses):

  1. Green cupcake posted by watsoncake on Flickr.
  2. Chocolate cake with “blog” written in marshmallows posted by wastsoncake on Flickr.
  3. Row of cupcakes spelling out “blogiversary” posted by watsoncake yet again on Flickr
  4. Happy B’day Blog osted by watsoncake on Flickr.
  5. The one with the guy’s face drawn on it posted by watsoncake on Flickr.
  6. Caroline on crack posted by Caro Scuro on Flickr.

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