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Christmas Shopping

Gift BoxI started my Christmas shopping early this year. In August, to be exact. Because while I was in Europe, I realized that I could buy stuff for people for Christmas and it would be extra awesome by virtue of the fact that I got it in Europe. Since then, I’ve been randomly picking things up as I’ve seen them and thought, “This would be perfect for so-and-so!” and then putting them into the ever growing pile of presents in the closet in my growlery1. So it’s going to be the Christmas of a bunch of random little presents.

However, I have recently clued in that I haven’t gotten something for everyone that I need to buy for and I haven’t evenly spread out all my gift purchases among the people for whom I need to buy gifts! And just now as I was ordering something online, I was surprised to see that if I order something today, it won’t arrive until Dec 172! That’s getting awfully close to Xmas!

I think I need to examine my pile of presents, see what I have for each person and get a game plan going on for filling in the gaps!

Image Credit: Posted by Paul Brigham of One Way Stock on Flickr.

  1. The growlery, a.k.a., spare bedroom that I use as an office, has a nice big closet that I use for storing things, like cookware that I don’t use that often, since I don’t have enough kitchen storage space for all my cookware; my Costco overflow, which will feed me when the zombie apocalypse comes; and Christmas presents []
  2. Unless I pay for shipping. But paying for shipping when there’s a free shipping option available is for suckers! []


I’m Going To Sleep in So Hard Tomorrow

It’s been a long and tiring week and since I didn’t get to sleep in at all last weekend (due to a hair appointment on Sat morning and my running group on Sunday morning), I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow’s sleep-in all week. Went out for dinner with some friends from grad school tonight and when we came out of the restaurant it was pouring rain – it’s been so long since we had rain, I’d almost forgotten what it was like. Now I’m home with my Christmas tree lights on, and the fireplace blazing, and a hot cup of tea. Handed in my last paper for my philosophy class today, which means I’m just one paper and one exam away from being done all my classes. So close I can taste it!


The frogs’ stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Last year  I made a comment lamenting my lack of little Christmas stockings for my frogs. Well, it was my Aunty Gwen to the rescue – she found me these little gems:

The stockings were hung

Thanks, Aunty Gwen!!

So, yes, I realize it’s not yet December, but since I’m going to visit my family at Christmas, I had to put my tree up early so I’d have time to enjoy it before I left.

Christmas tree

And for the first time in my life, I actually have a skirt for my Christmas tree, which I bought on my lunch hour today. I think it really makes the whole situation look more polished!

Also, while unpacking my Christmas ornaments, I discovered this normal distribution curve Christmas tree ornament, that I’d totally forgotten I’d bought for myself last year:

Normal distribution curve Christmas tree ornament

Math is adorable!

Bring on the egg nog!




On Monday, I decided to treat myself to some fancy nails, as I had my grad photos taken that day1 I figured that since I’d be holding scrolls and flowers and whatnot in my grad photos, I should have some nicely French manicured hands. And it turns out the only thing that looks good in my grad photos are my nails because I am the least photogenic person EVER2.

Day 141


  1. My convocation isn’t until May, but we had to get our photos done by Dec 1 in order to be in the class composite. []
  2. Unlike when I take my own photo and I can take eleventy billion shots in order to get one where I don’t look hideous, at the grad photo studio you get 16 shots, which is not nearly enough to get one good one of me, as my ratio of bad photos to good is, did I mention?, eleventy billion to one. []


Nothing To See Here

I didn’t have time to write anything new and exciting here because I spent my evening (a) running around a track over and over again as part of the running study I’m in and (b) writing over on my other blog. As part of my digital marketing class, I have to write at least 5 blog postings1 on my “professional” blog2. I’d already written up three (one on brain science, an interview with Tod Maffin from engageQ, and an interview with Dr. Dan from Farm to Fork). So tonight I wrote up two more – one that I just posted and another that I’ll post tomorrow after I proofread it. And I’ve got one more in my brain that I just need to type out3 before Friday (which is our deadline to have postings up on our blogs for the prof to mark). All this to say, you should go check out my other blog if you are looking for something to read, though if you are looking for pictures of hot hockey players with no shirts on holding cats, you will be greatly disappointed.

  1. Because even though I’m done going to classes, I still have some assignments to wrap up. []
  2. For a “professional blog”, you have to actually do research and write something that adds value to the world, rather than just posting pictures of cats or hot hockey players with no shirts on or hot hockey players with no shirts on holding cats. Please tell me there are photos on the internets of hot hockey players with no shirts on holding cats… OK, I just Googled “hot hockey players with no shirts on holding cats” and there are NO photos of hot hockey players with no shirts on holding cats – at least not in the first few screens of the Google Image search results and, as I learned in my digital marketing class, nobody looks beyond the first few screens of any Google search results because we are all lazy. At any rate, clearly this is a blue ocean in the market and some entrepreneur should really get on that. []
  3. Since the app that reads my mind and types up the blog postings and various other brilliant ideas in my brain has still yet to be developed. Another blue ocean for you entrepreneurs out there! []


Last class EVER

Tonight I go to the last class of my MBA program. Despite the fact that I’ve been talking about it non-stop for the last month, it’s still a bit surreal. As I reflect back on the 2 years of classes I’ve been to, I can honestly say that despite all the blood, sweat, tears, and insane amount of sleep deprivation of the last 24 months, it’s been pretty awesome. I’ve learned a tonne, been challenged in new ways, expanded my worldview, and made some fantastic friends. I’ve taken things that I’ve learned in school on the weekend and brought them back to the office and used them on Monday morning to do my work even better than I could before. One of the last things I have left to do in my program is finish up my “industry project” paper – I’m doing a project for work and because I’m able to apply the things I’ve been learning over the past 2 years and because I have a supervisor (from school) who is pushing me to go farther and work even harder on it, it’s going to be freaking awesome!

So, yeah, in conclusion, you have to be a bit insane and/or a masochist to take an intense program like a part-time MBA program while working full-time, but it’s totally worth it.


Happy 9th Birthday Madeline!

Beth & Madeline at Powell's Books

Happy birthday to the best niece an aunt could ever ask for! Love you, kiddo!


Stuff I Want To Do When I’m Done My MBA

As I’ve been talking about the end of my MBA program being nigh, I find myself constantly defending my claim that “I’m not going to do anymore school! I swear!” My friends and colleagues are skeptical of this claim1. And, really, who can blame them? I’ve said it before and it wasn’t true. I’m like the schoolgirl who cried wolf. But I really, really mean it this time!

However, I do have to admit that I am kind of addicted to learning – I am insatiably curious and I want to KNOW ALL THE THINGS! But I think it’s time to turn to the less academic-y things that I want to learn. Like, for example:

  • how to surf
  • how to SCUBA dive
  • how to speak French
  • how to properly shoot a hockey puck2
  • how to code3

Other things I plan to focus my attention on in post-MBA land include:

  • travel to all the places ever4!!
  • training properly for the Hollywood Half Marathon so that I can break the elusive 2 hour mark
  • writing more5
  • reading for fun more (I’ve already joined a book club!)
  • cooking proper meals6
  • skiing
  • sleeping7

And speaking of sleep, I’m heading there now. Because I have a full day of running, studying, hockeying, and more studying ahead of me tomorrow. The end is nigh… but I’m not quite there yet.

  1. I’ve had basically the same conversation with, no exaggeration, at least a dozen people in the last week or so. It goes like this:

    Me: I’m so excited that my class next Monday is the last class I will ever have to go to!

    Other Person: Right. Until you do your next degree.

    Me: I’m never going to do another degree!

    Other Person: < laughs uncontrollably > []

  2. My shot is the lamest hockey shot to ever be shot. []
  3. OK, maybe this one is a bit academic-y. But it’s cool. All the cool kids code. []
  4. Some destinations of interest – off the top of my head and in no particular order – include: NYC, Paris, Italy, Iceland, Australia, Peru, Japan, and Newfoundland & Labrador and Nova Scotia (to complete the set of all the Canadian provinces), Northwest Territories and Nunavut (to complete the whole country). And I already have plans for Hollywood and San Fran in the spring! W00t! []
  5. Here on the blog, but also in my journal. Oh journalling, how I’ve missed you! []
  6. I’ve been eating way too much prepared stuff for the past two years and I really miss whipping up my dinners from scratch! []
  7. Glorious, glorious sleep. How I have missed you! []


I love these cookies

I’m not usually one for packaged cookies, but these are freaking delicious. And they help fuel me for homework-filled nights (such as tonight)!

Lotus Cookies


Stuff Cats Like

My little furry house guests have gone home. I have to admit, it was pretty nice having those little furballs around the house – so cute and cuddly. And they didn’t even try to eat my frogs, so I’m seriously thinking that maybe I should get myself one.1

And now – gratuitous cat photos!

Cats like sitting in whatever chair you want to sit in:



And also curling up on your bed:


They also like making Facebook ads:


What can I say? She’s a nerdy cat.

They don’t like reading so much – though they do love to sit on whatever papers or books you want to read and then fall asleep:



They really like pillows:


And fireplaces:

UntitledIn conclusion, cats are lazy. And I want one.


  1. I’ll give it some more thought over the holidays – since I’m going to be away over Christmas, it doesn’t make any sense to get one now. []