Christmas Shopping

Gift BoxI started my Christmas shopping early this year. In August, to be exact. Because while I was in Europe, I realized that I could buy stuff for people for Christmas and it would be extra awesome by virtue of the fact that I got it in Europe. Since then, I’ve been randomly picking things up as I’ve seen them and thought, “This would be perfect for so-and-so!” and then putting them into the ever growing pile of presents in the closet in my growlery1. So it’s going to be the Christmas of a bunch of random little presents.

However, I have recently clued in that I haven’t gotten something for everyone that I need to buy for and I haven’t evenly spread out all my gift purchases among the people for whom I need to buy gifts! And just now as I was ordering something online, I was surprised to see that if I order something today, it won’t arrive until Dec 172! That’s getting awfully close to Xmas!

I think I need to examine my pile of presents, see what I have for each person and get a game plan going on for filling in the gaps!

Image Credit: Posted by Paul Brigham of One Way Stock on Flickr.

  1. The growlery, a.k.a., spare bedroom that I use as an office, has a nice big closet that I use for storing things, like cookware that I don’t use that often, since I don’t have enough kitchen storage space for all my cookware; my Costco overflow, which will feed me when the zombie apocalypse comes; and Christmas presents []
  2. Unless I pay for shipping. But paying for shipping when there’s a free shipping option available is for suckers! []

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