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#26 – Consider Yourself Done!

As of yesterday, I completed #26 from my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days:

do some kind of exercise (anything really, even if it is just a set of pushups, as long as it is beyond just incidental stuff like taking the stairs or walking to a store) every day for a year!

I started on Dec 30, 2012 and did a little something every day. Some days it was a big thing – like a hockey game or going out for a run – but some days it was just a little thing, like a few pushups, or taking a break at work to walk some flights of stairs together. And so I kept an unbroken 365 day streak! Huzzah!


At The Airport

How does 2 weeks go by so fast? Seems like I only just got here and now I’m back at the airport waiting for my flight home. On Christmas Day, I said to my sister, “I can’t believe I’m still here for 6 more days!” That feels like 2 minutes ago! But I did see a bunch of family and friends and there was much catching up and laughter and all that good stuff. I haven’t spent Christmas with my family for three years, so I’m really happy I was able to this year!

Looks like it’s almost time to board the plane, so I better pack up. See y’all on the flip side.