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Massage Therapy

Given that I do a fair bit of running and hockey, and I also have a desk job, I’m extremely lucky to have a good health benefits package that allows me to get some much needed massage therapy. When I started working in Surrey, I started going to Starr Family Chiropractic, for both chiropractor (Dr. Ian) and massage (Greta), and they are absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend them to anyone in Surrey looking for these services.

However, when I changed office locations to a different place in Surrey, their clinic became rather out of the way for me. I Skytrain to work most days, and getting to Starr would require me driving to work so that I could drive down King George after work (i.e., during rush hour). Especially given how insanely busy I was this fall, that just wasn’t workable for me. So, as sad as I was to stop going there, I decided to find myself a new massage therapist1 And I managed to find one that is across the street from my place in New West at the Columbia Integrated Health Centre and I quite like my massage therapist, Dennis2.

Also, much to my surprise, at my last massage therapy appointment before I left on holidays, they gave me this pointsetta to thank me for my business:

Day 155

I thought that was a really nice touch!

So, if you are looking for a good place for massage therapy, I recommend both Starr Family Chiropractic and Columbia Integrated Health Centre3. And thus concludes today’s four postings about businesses that I like!

  1. Have you ever noticed how awkward it is to stop seeing a massage therapist (or hair stylist or any similar type service person) that you see regularly? It feels like you are breaking up with them! So awkward. []
  2. I also saw Elulu one time when Dennis wasn’t available and she was pretty awesome too! []
  3. Again, blog posting is not paid and I didn’t get any free services for blogging. Just want to share stuff I like! []


Hair Extraordinaire!

And now I’m just on a roll of talking about businesses that I like, so I think that I’ll make that the theme for today. Which brings me to my hair stylist, Jenny Lynn, the owner of Oh Hey Style1. She works at Red Square Salon, she’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, and she makes my hair look fabulous!

Let’s look at some pretty pictures of my lovely hair:

Day 19

Day 138

Day 1

Day 97I highly recommend Jenny Lynn to anyone who wants to have beautiful hair!

  1. As with the other postings, this comes straight from my heart – it’s not a paid advertisement and I don’t get anything free. Just blogging of my own free will! []


Sky Shoes and Repair

Day 117And while I’m talking about businesses that I like, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Sky Shoes & Repair. I’d been looking for a place that does alterations, as my favourite red coat had a broken zipper, and I’d been looking for a place that would re-heel shoes, because I’m pretty hard on my shoes and wear through the heel tips pretty quickly. And then I discovered this place that was right under my nose – in the New West Skytrain Station (where I go most days of the week) – and it does both.

I brought in a pair of heels, a couple of pairs of pants to shortening1, and the zipper fixed on my red jacket. They weren’t sure at first if the entire zipper was broken or if it just needed a new slider, but they said “Let’s just try the slider first, because it’s much cheaper for you.” ($18 instead of about $50). The slider worked for about a day, but then the zipper split again, so I brought it back and they put in a new zipper, and without even a question, they said, “I’ll take the $18 you paid for the slider off this order since it didn’t help.”

Good service, friendly staff, super convenient location, and an honest attempt at the cheaper solution rather than just going for a big money grab. This place is definitely my go-to for alterations and shoe repairs2!

  1. I know you are *shocked* that a giant like me would need pants shortened. []
  2. As per usual, I am just blogging about this place because I like the company – didn’t get anything for free nor did I get paid for this posting []


My manicure one month later

Hey, remember that time that I got my nails done all fancy like? That was almost a month ago and my nails are still, to my great surprise, perfect!

Day 164

Of course, near the cuticle you can see that my nails have grown a bit in the past month, but other than that, they are perfectly shaped and as shiny as the day I got them. And this is despite sticking my hands in hockey gloves for several games, washing dishes, baking, and other such potentially nail breaking activities. So props to Crystal Nails in New West1, where I had these done!

  1. As per usual, I didn’t get paid or get any products or services for free to promote these guys. Just thought I’d spread some appreciation for a job well done. []