I Volunteer As Tribute!… er, Curator!

For the next week, I’m going to be curating the @PeopleofCanada Twitter account!

From the @PeopleofCanada Tumblr blog:


A rotating crew of Canadians sharing their lives in with Canada and the world.

We hope to represent Canadians, no matter where they live or whatever identities they may hold. Whether you’re a plumber, journalist, movie star, or farmer, one day, you too could be here.

The schedule rotates weekly

Canada DayWhat this means is that instead of tweeting from my own Twitter account 1, I’ll be spending more time over on @PeopleofCanada Twitter account, where I get to share my random thoughts about my life2, the performance of the Canucks, scientific nerdery, what my frogs and cats are doing, or basically anything else that I feel like tweeting about with a broader audience (that account has 4,237 followers to my 671 followers at @Beth77). I’m hoping that I’ll get a chance to engage with some cool people from across the country that I wouldn’t meet otherwise and hopefully have some fun along the way!

I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be getting the keys to the account – I was originally told it would be Jan 30, but haven’t received the email yet. But I did just see that my bio went up over on the their Tumblr blog, so I’m expecting to get access soon.

Once I get the password, I’ll put an update on this posting and then you can follow along with my tweeting shenanigans over at @PeopleofCanada! If you have a Twitter account, please follow! If you don’t, you can just go to this link and to read my tweets!

Update: Tweeting over there now (Feb 2) until next Sunday!

Image Credit: Posted by Jeff Smith on Flickr.

  1. Notices of my blog postings will still show up on my @Beth77 Twitter account because that is automated and I’m too lazy to switch it over I wouldn’t want my faithful @Beth77 Twitter followers to miss out on the brilliance that is my blog postings. []
  2. Read: I need a coffee. I need chocolate. My cats are adorable. My cats need coffee. I’m off to play some hockey. []

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