The Florida “Virtual” Half Marathon

As most people who know me are aware, I have a bit of an addiction to race medals. I think it’s the last vestige of my pack rat-ness, which I’ve worked very hard to overcome over the year, combined with liking shiny objects. It allows me to satisfy my pack rat nature of wanting to hold on to physical items, but since I have to work to earn them, I can’t accumulate them too quickly. Also, shiny!

One of my favourite of my race medals is the one I got from the Hollywood Half Marathon – it was, in fact, being told that the Hollywood Half Marathon medal is a big blingy star that inspired me to do that race in the first place1. Apparently the Hollywood Half Marathon had a sister race in Hollywood, Florida, in 2012, but they discontinued it and, I’m guessing, had a bunch of medals leftover that they wanted to unload, so they set up a “virtual” half marathon where if you sent in a link to a running tracking service (like Runkeeper or your Garmin/Polar/Nike GPS watch data) that showed you had run at least 21.1 km (and you paid a nominal fee), they would send you a shiny Hollywood Florida Half Marathon medal. I hemmed and hawed about it for a while, but in the end I couldn’t resist the lure of the shiny object! Plus it got me one medal closer to achieving my 2015 goal of Add 5 new medals to my collection, so really, everybody wins2!

Florida Hollywood Virtal Half Marathon medal

  1. Well that and the fact that it has a flat course! []
  2. Where by “everybody” I mean “me” []

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