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Paint Nite – Take 2

Remember that time I did a Paint Nite with Cath? Well, I also did a paint night with my friend Amy way back in the old timely days of October! Here’s the painting we were trying to paint – a heron sitting on a hill:

Paint Nite with Amy

My hero turned out to look more like a duck, but I’m OK with a duck on a hill:

Paint Nite with Amy

I don’t really love my clouds, but overall I’m happy enough with the painting that I’ll hang it up (once I figure out which wall I want to hang it on!)

Amy was unhappy with her initial attempt at the heron, so she painted over it making the hill bigger and did another heron!

And here are Amy and I with our masterpieces!

Paint Nite with Amy

3 Responses to Paint Nite – Take 2

  1. Kalev Hunt says:

    Please never write “nite” again… it burns!!! LOL

  2. Stacy says:

    As a bird-watcher, I would say it looks more like a pelican than a duck. But, a really good pelican!

  3. Beth says:

    @Kalev – It’s a brand name!

    @Stacey – I defer to your expertise. It is henceforth a pelican!

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