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  • It Takes A Village To Raise A Hockey Team #lg4cf

    I can’t believe that the game ended just yesterday! When I was driving away from the rink yesterday, all I could think was, “Did I just dream that?” It was a truly surreal experience and if I didn’t have the blisters to prove otherwise, I would really be wondering! I’m still pretty exhausted, even though […]

  • So, roughly how many world records did you set today? #lg4cf

    This morning at 11:05 am, 39 of my closest friends and I made ourselves a part of Canadian history. At that moment, we completed a 243 hour and 5 minute game of hockey – the longest ever in the history of the world! We are the “unofficial” world record holders for the moment – we […]

  • Day 10 – Posting #3 – Almost There!

    So, we’ve been playing hockey for nine days straight now. Personally, I’ve played 81 hours of hockey so far. EIGHTY-ONE, y’all1)! And I have six hours left to play before this game is done!  Here’s the deal: I play my last regular 4 hour shift from midnight to 4 am tomorrow (i.e., Monday… i.e., about […]

  • Day 10 – Posting #2 – Media

    I can’t get over the amount of media that this hockey game is getting! There was a tonne of media here the first day – “OMG, these women are going to play hockey for 10 days straight!” and there have been other stories along the way, like “OMG, these women desperately need medical supplies” and “Holy crap, […]

  • Day 10 – Truths

    There are some things that I’ve learned in hockey (and other sports) that have been emphasized as real truths over these last 9 day, including: Playing with players who are better than you makes you a better player. Practising makes you better – and I’m certainly putting in the time these days, given that I’ve […]

  • Day 9 – Schedule Update – #lg4cf

    So my schedule got changed a bit ‘cuz a woman on my team had to sit out a few sessions due to a severe migraine. So, instead of playing today (Saturday) from 4 am to 8 am and 4 pm to 8 pm, I played 12 am to 4 am and 12 pm to 4 […]

  • Day 8 – My Friends Rock – #lg4cf

    Can’t blog ‘cuz EIGHT of my friends came to visit me tonight! So awesome! Have to go get ready to get back on the ice. Can’t wait til 4:00 am when I get to sleep again!

  • Day 7 – A Day In The Life of A #LG4CF Hockey Player

    To give you a sense of life here in Longest Game of Hockey for Cystic Fibrosis land, here’s what my day looked like yesterday (i.e., Day 6): 12 am – Get off the ice from my 8 pm to midnight shift. Take off all my hockey gear, making sure to hang it up so it […]

  • Day 6 – Half Way There! #lg4cf

    Today’s blog posting will be brief ‘cuz I’m writing it on my phone since I’m in bed and there’s no wifi here in RV World1 and I’m too tired to either drag my laptop inside the building or even get my laptop out and tether it to my phone. I had another one of those […]