Day 6 – Half Way There! #lg4cf

Today’s blog posting will be brief ‘cuz I’m writing it on my phone since I’m in bed and there’s no wifi here in RV World1 and I’m too tired to either drag my laptop inside the building or even get my laptop out and tether it to my phone.

I had another one of those 4 hour, instead of 8 hr, breaks (ugh) today. So I played last night from 8 am to 12 pm, then 4 to 8 pm and then I play again at 4 am. Hence why I’m in bed at 9.30. Highlights from today include that Krista Lee brought me an extra blanket ‘cuz I’m so freaking cold – plus super yummy chocolate bark and Kalev came to visit brought me a bunch of stuff I’d asked him for (Advil, Tylenol, throat lozenges, etc.), plus a bunch of medical donations that he’d already picked up after my blog posting about our need for it and my friends Candace and Roger came to cheer me on with their two adorable little boys! Also, I scored a few more goals – I’m now up to 29!

In donation news, in addition to Sarah and Jody, my friend Karen is also going to donate $1 per goal and my friend Mel is also donating $1 per goal, plus 50 cents per hour that I play! I also got a donation from someone that I don’t even know! Plus, my sister just donated $27 – because my jersey number is 27! You should totally do that too!

Oh yeah, and we reached the HALF WAY MARK in the game this morning! And we may have played Living on A Prayer at that time. Ooooooh, we’re halfway there!!!

  1. That’s what we call the fenced in area of the parking lot of Burnaby 8 Rinks that contains our RVs and is the only place outside of the building that we are allowed to be in. []

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