Day 10 – Posting #2 – Media

I can’t get over the amount of media that this hockey game is getting! There was a tonne of media here the first day – “OMG, these women are going to play hockey for 10 days straight!” and there have been other stories along the way, like “OMG, these women desperately need medical supplies” and “Holy crap, they are still playing!”

There are constantly video cameras around from a variety of television stations – not to mention the film crew that is working on a documentary about the game1.

So, because, as we all know, I’m an attention whore, here are:

And here’s the page on our game’s website that has links to all the media we’ve been in:

Plus, be sure to watch Breakfast Television on Tuesday, as Val – our fearless leader – and I think some of the other players will be interviewed!

  1. A lot of the players have said that they are just so used to the cameras being around they don’t even notice them anymore, but not me. I’m so easily distracted. OMG! Camera!  At one point there were players wearing a helmet cam to get shots from the ice and all I could do was stare transfixed at the helmet cam as they skated around! []

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  • Beth- seriously… you and all of the women who just played the longest game of hockey for CF are rock stars! Absolutely incredible… congratulations, I’m so proud of you all. You may be an attention whore (I think I am too!), but with the completion of something awesome like this, the attention is so well deserved 🙂


  • I agree!

    Also, attention for us means attention for – and raised awareness of – Cystic Fibrosis. Which was one of our goals! So my attention whoring is for a good cause! Good cause, I say!


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