Day 10 – Truths

There are some things that I’ve learned in hockey (and other sports) that have been emphasized as real truths over these last 9 day, including:

  • Playing with players who are better than you makes you a better player.
  • Practising makes you better – and I’m certainly putting in the time these days, given that I’ve played 73 hours of hockey in the last 8.5 days!
  • Expect the unexpected1.
  • Good music makes it easier and more fun.
  • So do good teammates!
There are also some new things I’ve learned:
  • The human body can do things that should not be humanly possible for it to do.
  • The newest blister always hurts the most.
  • There is always a new blister.
  1. I expected sore feet. I did not expect the excruciating back pain or the skin on my fingers to be splitting open. []

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