Day 10 – Posting #3 – Almost There!

So, we’ve been playing hockey for nine days straight now. Personally, I’ve played 81 hours of hockey so far. EIGHTY-ONE, y’all1)! And I have six hours left to play before this game is done!  Here’s the deal:

  • I play my last regular 4 hour shift from midnight to 4 am tomorrow (i.e., Monday… i.e., about 3 hours from now)).
  • At ~9 am, all 40 players will be dressed and play out the remainder of the game together (i.e., instead of our usual one sub on the bench, we’ll have full lines of players).
    • at 10 am, we will break the record for the longest ever game of hockey in the history of the world!
    • at 11:05 am, the final horn will sound to end the game!

We are almost there. So close, I can taste it!

And so now these signs, which have been really helping get me through the days, are that much sweeter:
We are closer today

than we were yesterday

Also, I have to share this with you – an adorable little girl named Emma, who has Cystic Fibrosis, made hearts for all the players with various sayings on them – things like “Let’s find a cure!” and “Keep Going!” This is the one that I got and it’s totally, imho, the best one2:

You are my inspiration

And so, as we go into the final hours of the game, please donate. For Emma. For Beckett. And for the thousands of others who have Cystic Fibrosis. The money you donate will go to research which will make their lives better.

  1. And people on Team Red have played even more than that, as they’ve had more injuries (and thus the remaining players have had to pick up more of the time to cover for the injured players. []
  2. I’m sure Rick & Dan will agree! []

2 Replies to “Day 10 – Posting #3 – Almost There!”

  1. Beth, soooooooo friggin’ close. Congratulations. Who would have ever thought. What an amazing accomplishment. You all must be, and totally should be, so proud. What an amazing feat and for such a worthwhile cause.
    Again, Congratulations to you and all the team. WOW

  2. Hells ya we’ll agree. I’m totally speaking for Rick right now, who is likely out scaling another mountain, or braving the rapids of yet another white water river. So, since I’m home and in front of my computer, I’m totally allowed to speak for him. Those are the rules.

    Anyway, congrats again Dr. Beth. Amazing. Simply freaking amazing.

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