Category: Stupid Injuries

  • And now we taper

    It has been 14 weeks since I started training for the Montreal demi-marathon. This training has been quite a bit different than my previous training sessions. Differences include: Over those 14 weeks, I’ve run all my runs straight through – no more 10-and-1s for me. I’ve run the majority of my runs in my zone […]

  • Not To Be Trusted With Irons

    So the other day I decided that I probably should do some ironing, given that I had a tonne of wrinkly clothes hanging in my closet that weren’t getting unwrinkly on their own. Now, I don’t have a very good track record with ironing. The last time I attempted it, I broke my coffee table’s […]

  • Pushups!

    And while we are talking about my exercise goals, let’s take a look at how I did on my pushup goal! Goal: 1,300 Completed: 1,385 Success! I completed 107% of my goal! Luckily, I did a *lot* of pushups early in the year (see Figure 11 ), as my hockey-related hand injury put me out […]

  • Roll It!

    As I mentioned previously, my IT band hates me and I bought a foam roller to try to torture said IT band into submission. Foam rollers, for the uninitiated, are cylinders made of styrofoam that you roll your body over to work out knots (a.k.a., “trigger points”) and tightness of your various body parts. My […]

  • Soak It!

    In the constant battle against my own muscles which are apparently trying to kill me of late, I had forgotten about one of the most wonderful tools in my arsenal – Epsom salt baths! Now, I have to say first of all, I have *no idea* if there is any scientific evidence to support Epsom […]

  • Vicious Stairs

    Here are the stairs I fell down yesterday: OK, I realize that I only fell down one of these stairs – the very bottom one specifically. But given how beat up I feel today – achy back/shoulder/leg/wrist – I’m revising my story to say that I fell down a flight of stairs. Possibly I was […]

  • Probably The Second Most Disgusting Photo I Own

    Two Sundays ago, when I got home from my long run1, I discovered that I had a blister on my big toe. This blister, in fact: Believe it or not, I don’t think I’ve ever had a blister on my foot from all the running I’ve done. Blisters from wearing entirely impractical shoes – yes. […]

  • Ouch

    I slipped on an icy sidewalk on the way to work this morning: What makes it even worse was that I *just* bought those nylons!  And they weren’t cheap!  Fortunately, they were thigh highs, so I only have to replace one leg and not throw out the whole pair.  And now my left knee can […]

  • Stupidest Tongue Injury Ever

    Picture it. I’m sitting in my office, chewing some gum and, out of nowhere, I bite my tongue. But not only do I bite my tongue – oh no, that wouldn’t be ridiculous enough. I bite my tongue so hard that it bleeds. Profusely. You’d think that with 31 years experience, I’d be able to […]

  • Knee Injury Update

    Today on the bus, a guy tapped me on the shoulder1 and said, “You know what would clear that knee up? Turmeric. You know, the spice?” Um, ok. I actually thought my knee was healing quite nicely. And really, what would help it clear up is refraining from picking at the scab2. 1I was listening […]