And while we are talking about my exercise goals, let’s take a look at how I did on my pushup goal!

Goal: 1,300
Completed: 1,385

Success! I completed 107% of my goal! Luckily, I did a *lot* of pushups early in the year (see Figure 11 ), as my hockey-related hand injury put me out of pushup action for quite a while2. In fact, I hurt my hand on October 27, and though it feels fine normally, when I did some pushups this week, it totally hurt. Boo-urns.

pushups 2013

Hopefully it will feel better in the new year, as pushups are such a convenient way to do something for my upper body, as all my other exercises – running, biking, hockey – are lower-body ones.

  1. I haven’t yet graphed my running and biking numbers, as there is a chance I may run and/or bike before the end of the day on Tuesday. []
  2. Also, as the graph reveals, my enthusiasm for pushups dropped off mid-year, long before my hand injury. []

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