I hate bureaucracy

A while back I mentioned the stupid timeline worksheet thingy from UBC Faculty of Grad Studies (FOGS) that I had incorrectly filled out. Well, it turns out that the incorrect way I originally filled it out would be more accurate than filling it out the correct way. Confused? I don’t blame you. Basically, the worksheet […] →Read more

This sign is posted on the door to the walk-in freezer across the hall from my lab: I appreciate the light hearted way that they warn you about the possibility of your imminent death by freezing. I also like how it says “This should be fixed in a few days…” That sign has been up […] →Read more

Best.Birthday Present.Ever

An offer for a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford. That sure beats a kick in the pants. (Although finding out that Gordon Campbell* was arrested for drunk driving in Maui on my bday in 2003 wasn’t too bad of a gift — for his mug shot, click here). On the whole though, I have to say […] →Read more


…for 19 more minutes! Oh glorious, glorious 28! →Read more


That’s how many references I have in my lit review chapter. I’m tempted to throw in 5 gratuitous references, just to make it a nice round 200. What do you think? Should I? So far, my chapter two has 69 references (tee hee! 69), chapter three has 61, and chapter four has 20 (there is […] →Read more

UBC, yeah you know me

Would you believe that UBC actually has these clocks up in the administrative building? To give you the backstory, last year UBC completed a hostile takeover of the Okanagan University College (or, as I’ve heard people from OUC call it “the occupation”)… one day, out of the blue, UBC & the BC government announced that […] →Read more


So, as I wait for my supervisor to read through my latest draft, I’m putting together the little odds & ends that need to go into the thesis, one of which is the acknowledgements section. You know, the part where you thank everyone you’ve ever met and suck up to your committee in the hopes […] →Read more

Out, out damn lit review

Well, it’s done! It’s the last day of 2005 and I’ve just sent off my lit review chapter to my supervisor. Keep your fingers crossed for me that she likes it! She now has all of the chapters and I’m really hoping that she’s going to be OK with them. I just really, really, really […] →Read more

Brevity is… wit

Well, I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve actually managed to slash my mammoth 64-page literature review down to a svelte 38 pages! It took a complete reimagining of my section on fetal bone development (it was so lovely and detailed before, but my supervisor convinced me that no matter how much I liked […] →Read more

Merry Thesis-mas

Here are two presents I received for Christmas that are somewhat thesis related: My sister sent me this cool travel mug with a caffeine molecule on it. As we all know, caffeine fuels all great writing. Isn’t this little rat cute? His name is Sam… which is short for “sample”. As in “today we are […] →Read more