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NaBloPoMo – Day 19 – O Christmas Tree

Scott and I put up the Christmas tree tonight! The cats helped, where by “helped” I mean jumped in the box as we opened it and tried to climb in the tree. Crick put her favourite toy under the tree, which can only mean she thinks it’s a gift.

Christmas tree 2017In unrelated news, I scored the game winning goal in my hockey game today. It’s a Christmas-tree-putting-up-day miracle!



I put up the Christmas tree last night!


It pretty much looks like last year, but if you look closely I have a few new inhabitants, including this S’More who is baking that my Aunty Eileen gave me for Christmas last year:


This blue house I picked up while I was in St. John’s:

And this mommy and baby kangaroo that I bought in Australia1:


And, like last year, the cats are a big fan of sitting on the tree skirt:


I guess that’s bound to happen when you have a velvet tree skirt! So soft!

  1. I couldn’t find any Christmas tree ornaments when I was in Hong Kong, or I would have gotten one there too. []


O Christmas Tree!

Apparently I am all about Christmas trees right now, because not only did I decorate my tree at home and buy an awesome set of new ornaments, but tonight I got to help decorate the tree at my sister’s place! Like mine, my sister’s family’s tree is full of ornaments collected over the years – with a disproportionate number of snowmen.

Here’s a photo of me and my sister in front of the tree:

Beth & Nancy Christmas 2013

And here’s me and my niece:

Beth & Madeline Christmas 2013

My nephew had no interest in having his photo taken1, so there’s no photo of me with him. I can assure you that he’s pretty darn cute though!

  1. My niece did the same at that age. []


The frogs’ stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Last year  I made a comment lamenting my lack of little Christmas stockings for my frogs. Well, it was my Aunty Gwen to the rescue – she found me these little gems:

The stockings were hung

Thanks, Aunty Gwen!!

So, yes, I realize it’s not yet December, but since I’m going to visit my family at Christmas, I had to put my tree up early so I’d have time to enjoy it before I left.

Christmas tree

And for the first time in my life, I actually have a skirt for my Christmas tree, which I bought on my lunch hour today. I think it really makes the whole situation look more polished!

Also, while unpacking my Christmas ornaments, I discovered this normal distribution curve Christmas tree ornament, that I’d totally forgotten I’d bought for myself last year:

Normal distribution curve Christmas tree ornament

Math is adorable!

Bring on the egg nog!



New Denizens For My Christmas Tree!

So, I appear to have survived the week from hell, during which I had to completed a long Econ assignment, an equally long Stats assignment, a three hour-Econ exam and a three-hour Stats exam1. After surviving said exams, my brain was pretty much mush last night, so I did what anyone in my situation would do – I declared it to be time to put up the Christmas tree! While drinking egg nog. With rum in it. Because one must drink rum in egg nog when putting up a Christmas tree. That’s a rule2.

My tree looks pretty much exactly like it did last year, so I’m not going to post photos of it – you can just look at this blog posting and the one from the previous year. But I do have a couple of additions to the tree to share. When we put up the tree last night, I discovered that Devon doesn’t have any Christmas tree ornaments3! I decided that this needed to be rectified posthaste, so I bought him these two:



They are s’mores, where the marshmallows are also snowmen. Adorable, hilarious, and kind of making me hungry.

The other thing of awesomeness is that we have a fireplace with a mantle on which to hang the stockings!


I still need to find froggy-sized stockings for my wee frogs though!

  1. I’m sure you are dying to hear about these exams, but I can’t tell you because I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to write them, because two of my classmates are writing the exams in January as they had to be out of the country on the exam date. Either that or the profs were giving an early Christmas present to the partners and children of everyone in my class by forbidding us from talking about our exams! []
  2. Props to Dr. Dan, from whom this line was shamelessly stolen borrowed. Note: if you shamelessly steal borrow a line from Dr. Dan’s blog, you should write a footnote about it. That’s a rule. You should probably write that down. []
  3. Well, he does, but they are on his parents’ Christmas tree []


Let the Xmas Season Commence!

I officially started my Christmas shopping today! I’m sure you are wondering “What did Beth buy? And who did she buy it for?” Only time will tell… 36 days of time, to be specific. Because in 36 days those things that I bought will be opened by their intended recipients and, I’m pretty sure, there will be much joy.

I also came up with ideas for two other people’s Xmas presents, but I’m going to wait to see if they go on sale on Cyber Monday. There’s a few people on my list that are very hard to buy for and so I’m extra stoked when I think of a great gift for one of them!

Speaking of a list – I should probably make one! Seeing as I have to send most of my presents to family & friends in Ontario, I need to be organized enough to buy or make stuff for everyone and ship it to them in time for the big day!

In other Christmas news, I’m not allowed to put the Christmas tree up until December 1, but that’s only 12 days away, so I don’t have to wait too much longer. This will be my first year where I have a fireplace and a mantle on to which I hang the stockings with care. Hmmm…. anyone know where I can get little frog-sized stockings?


O Christmas Tree

It’s December now, which means (a) WTF? How the hell did it get to be December already??, and (b) it’s totally legitimate that I put up my Christmas tree last night. Totally. Legit.

I took pictures even though it looks *exactly* like it did last year. Except that I now have a TV beside it1. That’s what we call “progress.”




May you be touched by his Noodly Appendage.

Happily, the chili peppers that I put on my tree last year seemed to hold  up pretty well through a year of being in storage. While hanging on the tree, they dried out nicely, which seems to have preserved them well. Two looked a bit icky, so I tossed them, but the rest were in fine shape.

Also, I already have some presents, which I picked up from my family when I was in Montreal, under my tree:


A little bird told me that some presents are winging their way towards me, so there will be more to put under the tree soon!

I still feel like I don’t have enough ornaments. Maybe I’ll get creative and make a few more this month!

  1. Which my friend Lianna gave me so that I can watch Canucks games. []


FSM on the Xmas Tree

In addition to the chili peppers, I decided that my Christmas tree needed one more thing, which I made this weekend:

FSM Christmas Tree Ornament

The Flying Spaghetti Monster now graces my tree. May he touch you with his noodly appendage this Holiday season.


Chili Pepper Christmas Tree!

I came up with a solution to my insufficient-supply-of-Christmas-tree-ornaments problem. And it allows me to cross something off my 101 in 1001 list to boot!

That solution: chili peppers. When I was in Mexico for Christmas 2008, there was a Christmas tree that was decorated entirely with chili peppers. I love love loved that tree! So much so that I added “put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with chili peppers” on to my 101 in 1001 list. Which I then totally forgot about during Christmas 2009. But when I was shopping in the produce store today, I remembered!  And so I bought a pack of chili peppers for $1.49 and put them all onto Christmas ornament hooks, like this:

Chili Pepper Christmas Tree Ornaments

And then hung them on my tree, like this:

Chili Pepper Christmas Tree Ornaments

I think they look pretty cute!


Too Many Stockings, Not Enough Ornaments

So I *finally* got my marking done, which meant I was allowed1 to put up my Christmas tree! I actually finished my marking earlier this week, but I was in Vancouver for two days of meetings yesterday and today, so I had sleepovers at friends’ places in Vancouver on Wednesday & Thursday nights so I wouldn’t have to drive in from the ‘burbs in rush hour (and in a blizzard!)2 and thus was not home to put up my tree.

When I bought my Christmas tree last year, I was living in a teeny tiny Vancouver apartment, so having a skinny tree was perfect as I didn’t have room for anything bigger. But now that I have a living room the size of a European nation, it looks kinda small:

My Christmas tree is too small. Or my living room is too big.

So I took this other photo and cropped it, so it doesn’t look quite so tiny:

My Christmas Tree

But in real life – yeah, it’s way small. Also, I don’t have nearly enough ornaments. I have an idea of one that I’m going to make, but I’ll have to check out some stores to see if there are other ones that I like that I can add to my collection.

Unlike Christmas tree ornaments, however, I seem to have too many stockings. I am just one woman, yet I seem to have three Christmas stockings:

The stockings were hung on the bookshelf with care

The stockings were hung on the book case with care.

Now I just need Santa to leave some hotties under my Christmas tree, and I’ll be set!

  1. where by “allowed” I mean, I allowed myself to put it up. It was my reward to motivate me to finish my marking. []
  2. thanks Lianna & Alicia!! []