New Denizens For My Christmas Tree!

So, I appear to have survived the week from hell, during which I had to completed a long Econ assignment, an equally long Stats assignment, a three hour-Econ exam and a three-hour Stats exam1. After surviving said exams, my brain was pretty much mush last night, so I did what anyone in my situation would do – I declared it to be time to put up the Christmas tree! While drinking egg nog. With rum in it. Because one must drink rum in egg nog when putting up a Christmas tree. That’s a rule2.

My tree looks pretty much exactly like it did last year, so I’m not going to post photos of it – you can just look at this blog posting and the one from the previous year. But I do have a couple of additions to the tree to share. When we put up the tree last night, I discovered that Devon doesn’t have any Christmas tree ornaments3! I decided that this needed to be rectified posthaste, so I bought him these two:



They are s’mores, where the marshmallows are also snowmen. Adorable, hilarious, and kind of making me hungry.

The other thing of awesomeness is that we have a fireplace with a mantle on which to hang the stockings!


I still need to find froggy-sized stockings for my wee frogs though!

  1. I’m sure you are dying to hear about these exams, but I can’t tell you because I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to write them, because two of my classmates are writing the exams in January as they had to be out of the country on the exam date. Either that or the profs were giving an early Christmas present to the partners and children of everyone in my class by forbidding us from talking about our exams! []
  2. Props to Dr. Dan, from whom this line was shamelessly stolen borrowed. Note: if you shamelessly steal borrow a line from Dr. Dan’s blog, you should write a footnote about it. That’s a rule. You should probably write that down. []
  3. Well, he does, but they are on his parents’ Christmas tree []

3 Replies to “New Denizens For My Christmas Tree!”

  1. We also drink egg nog with rum when putting up the tree. We had no dark rum until tonight though and Beth – accept no substitues. SO GOOD. Topped with a dash of nutmeg, but drink it quickly at my house bc Gunther thinks nutmeg is catnip and tried to get at it. WTF cat?

  2. We put Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum in our egg nog – and also a dash of nutmeg! It’s really the nutmeg that puts it over the top!

    I’m surprised Gunther is crazy for nutmeg – I always thought it was just moe who liked eating plant-based foods!

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