Things To Bring When You Are Going To Be Playing Hockey For 10 Days – A List

At a recent players’ meeting, we were given a list of things we need to bring to the 10-day hockey game. Given that we are not allowed to leave the premises of Burnaby 8 Rinks for the entire ten days, it’s pretty important to remember everything you think you’re going to need1 The list that we were given included the following items:

  1. plate, bowl, set of cutlery, coffee and juice cups [labeled with your name]
  2. 2 sets of skates [blade cracks can take time to fix]
  3. 2 sets of equipment [recommend gloves, shin pads if available]
  4. favorite snacks–nuts, pop, chips, granola bars. [We have a selection of food, but it might not be your favorite]
  5. cooler–to keep your favorite beverage cool
  6. bathing suit–for the hot tub!
  7. games, magazines, camera [kill time staff]
  8. laptop–for your wireless communications
  9. sense of humour
  10. iPod
  11. sunscreen
  12. fold up chair for lounging
  13. that time of the month stuff
  14. sunglasses
  15. shower staff [shampoo, soap, etc.]
  16. towels–bring a few
  17. undergarments [just like brownies, put your name on your clothing so longer volunteers can wash and return your clothing]
  18. your own pillow and bed sheets
  19. earplugs

Things that  I’m adding to my own personal list include:

  1. PJs2
  2. thank you cards and stamps – to write thank you notes to all the fine people who have donated to my fundraising efforts!
  3. umbrella – it’s Vancouver, right?
  4. flashlight – for dark nights in the RV!
  5. hair dryer – rinks are cold, so the last thing I need it wet hair. Plus, I want to look good for the cameras!
  6. hair elastics – because I do my hair in braids for hockey
  7. flip flops – though the hockey dressing room showers will be sanitized for us… they are still hockey dressing room showers!
  8. Advil
  9. bandaids – for blisters, which I believe are almost an inevitability in an endeavor like this one
  10. Body Glide – so hopefully I won’t need the bandaids3
  11. white board and markers – for impromptu sign making
  12. melatonin4
  13. moleskin5.
  14. Tiger Balm6.
  15. The Inspiration photo – for inspiration, obviously!

I’ve already picked up a few things that I’ve seen on sale recently – like my favorite snacks (dark chocolate, potato chips, and diet Pepsi, I’m looking in your direction).

But there are still a few things on this list that I need to acquire–notably, a second set of skates, other some spare pieces of hockey equipment as back ups, and a folding chair. I think I can probably borrow most of this7, except a second pair of skates because I don’t know anyone who owns size 6 hockey skates8 that they won’t be using. I’ll probably head to Sport Junkies at some point this week to grab a spare pair of skates. Hopefully I won’t need them, because I love the skates I have right now9, but I really need to be prepared just in case.

As for killing time stuff, I imagine that between sleeping, hot tubbing, blogging, and visiting with all you wonderful people who are going to come visit me, I’ll be able to fill my breaks with very little trouble.

Is there anything else that you can think of that you think I should bring?

  1. Of course, there will be legions of volunteers and friends that I could call on if I forget something that I really need, but I’d prefer to not have to bother them. []
  2. I had to add PJs specifically given and usually wear PJs and I would totally forget to bring them if they weren’t on the list. []
  3. I know that “Body Glide” sounds dirty, but it’s a miracle potion for avoiding chaffing and blisters! []
  4. Suggested by my friend Lianna, as it might be useful in helping get to sleep during the day because our sleeping schedules are going to be all mixed up with our off ice shifts being at night sometimes and during the day other times. []
  5. Props to Lianna for this suggestion. []
  6. Props to Nancy for this suggestion. []
  7. Going over to Kim’s place soon to see what pieces of her gear I can borrow as back ups []
  8. That’s size four in boys. []
  9. Granted, I’ll probably hate *all* skates by the end of the ten days. []

10 Replies to “Things To Bring When You Are Going To Be Playing Hockey For 10 Days – A List”

  1. I am not just a pretty face you know! Ha! I just emailed re: volunteering since I still haven’t heard from them ….

  2. You still haven’t heard from them? Good thing you emailed to check up, because we definitely need volunteers! Let me know if they don’t get back to you today and I’ll bug some people for you!

  3. I just had a marvellous thought–maybe this will finally cure you of hockey!!!

    Also, I would bring real sleep drugs, not just melatonin. Melatonin’s more about sleep regulation and your sleep will be anything but. Drug-started sleep is better than no sleep. 😀

  4. DIET Pepsi? Really? If there’s one time you can justify drinking the full-fat stuff…

    Oh, and we have a folding chair and a cooler you can borrow!

    I may have missed this, but do you have a definite schedule yet of when you’re playing? I’d like to come at some point during the 10 days, but obviously only when you’re actually on the ice…

    1. I hate the taste of sugared pop – and that icky feeling it leaves on your teeth!

      We don’t yet have our playing schedules, but I’ll be sure to send it out as soon as I get it. I’m going to need the support of my friends – so glad you are going to come and watch me play!

  5. @Kalev – I’d prefer not to use serious drugs if I don’t need to. I generally fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow, so I’d prefer not to fuck with my overall brain chemistry too much. I was thinking melatonin might be a good mild sedative in case I do have trouble falling asleep during the day (from what I’ve read, it sounds like it makes you sleepy ~30 minutes after you take it and though people use this to try to regulate their sleep, it would still work for just getting you to be sleepy).

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