Things We’ve Done So Far On Our Trip To Oregon

In no particular order:
  • eaten some delicious Voodoo Doughnuts
  • gone to Powell’s  Books, the bookstore that takes up an entire city block
  • drank outstanding espresso at the coffeeshop in Powell’s and had an extremely long conversation with a random couple looking to move to Portland from Florida1
  • gotten lost
  • cursed not being able to access the intertubes on our phones2
  • eaten ridiculously delicious Mexican food at this little out-of-way Mexican restaurant near our out-of-the-way hotel. Twice.3.
  • eaten at an excellent pub in downtown Portland
  • sample some fine Oregon beers
  • visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium, where we saw sharks, sea otters, sea lions, seals, auks and a host of other creatures
  • eaten at an excellent restaurant on the water in Newport
  • driven along the coast highway
  • watched the sun set over the Pacific
  • done some outlet shopping4
  1. They had a new baby named Juniper and since Nancy & Jeff have a new baby, it easily led to a lengthy conversation []
  2. well, technically we *could* access them, but we are all way too cheap to pay the exorbitant US data roaming charges []
  3. I may have also consumed the world’s largest margarita at this restaurant []
  4. Though I was the most interested in going outlet shopping, I bought the least. There were only a few things I liked and those things were either (a) not available in my size, or (b) too expensive. I ended up buying one tank top at Ann Taylor for $20.99! []

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