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That’s A Lot of Drugs

Spent this evening reading and writing about the pharmaceutical industry – the topic of a paper and presentation that I have due on Monday. Just realized I hadn’t blogged anything yet today and since I’m too tired to actually think of anything new, I’m going to share with you some data about pharmaceutical sales in Canada. Like, for example, did you know that in Canada we spent $12.8 billion dollars on patented drugs last year? And that represented 59.3% of all pharmaceuticals sales (with the other 40.7% spent on non-patented and generic drugs)? Meaning that in Canada we spent a total of $21.6 billion dollars on pharmaceuticals in 2012! That is a lot of drugs.

These data, and much more, can be found in the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board’s 2012 Annual Report. Just a little light bedtime reading for you!


Half Marathon #9 – Oh So Fine

Half marathon #9 complete!

Here’s Alicia and I after the race:

Fall Classic Half Marathon 2013

If we look a little out of it, it’s only because we are. Thanks to the aforementioned not training enough, both of us wanted to puke. But we did it and our time was better than the last two halfs that I did, so that’s something. Official time: 2:17:25. Not great, but I’ll take it.

We also lucked up in that it turned out to be sunny instead of rainy. And the route was relatively flat, so that made me happy. And I saw fans holding up two signs I’d never seen before – one had a target on it and said “hit here for power up” and you could hit it as you went by. The other was a “1 Up” super mario mushroom. Both of those brought me much joy!

Also, another medal for me! Hooray!

Fall Classic Half Marathon 2013


One Day Left!

No, it’s not one day left of school for me (though I can see how you might have thought that).

It’s only one day left to support The Tyee in time to get some awesome political paper dolls1 and maybe win a trip to Tofino. Or help me win a trip to Tofino. The important thing here is that one of us should win a trip to Tofino. And, you know, support independent journalism in Canada.

Just remember, you have to use to this link!

  1. Still waiting for mine, but trust that I will post some fun stuff once I get them…. like, the Stephen Harper paper doll reading a copy of the Communist Manifesto or something! Oh, the possibilities are endless! []


Happy PhDiversary To Me!

As detailed in a previous posting, Nov 16 marks the anniversary of the day I received my PhD, according to my transcript. The convocation ceremony for my PhD was Nov 22, 2006 and my current theory1 is that Nov 16 marks the day that Senate voted to approve candidates for convocation – but I based that entirely on speculation.

At any rate, I am commemorating this, my 7th PhDiversary, in the traditional fashion, by posting this picture of a Tumbeast in a puffy PhD hat:

PhD Tumblbeast

And speaking of the puffy hat, it will soon be making its reappearance in my life as I have a grad photo session booked for Nov 252 and, as detailed in a previous posting, I will be yet again donning the pink robe and puffy hat of a UBC PhDer for that photo, as well as for the convocation ceremony next spring. Long live the puffy hat!

  1. Translation: I’m too lazy to actually investigate this. []
  2. I’m actually dreading this a bit, as I don’t really want to see how much older and fatter I’m going to look in these photos compared to the ones that were taken in the same robe and hat 7 years ago! []


Oh Yeah, I’m Running a Half Marathon on Sunday

You know your life is in a strange place when the 21.1 km race you are planning to run is the least stressful thing you’ve got going on.

I’ve managed to have what is probably my worst training ever for a half – I started late, because I was in Europe for almost all of August, then I ran far less frequently than I should have, because school and work were insanely busy. And then, to top things off, given that I had class on the weekend I was supposed to do my longest training run (20 km)1, I had to do that a week early so I’ve had two tapering weeks instead of one. But then I messed up the “tapering” nature of this past week by joining that running study, so I actually ran a fairly fast (for me) 5 km on Sunday (followed by a hockey game) and then did a fartlek run on Monday2 and two other easy, short runs this week. So basically, my legs have no idea if they are coming or going at this point. And so my goal, as it has been for all the half marathons I’ve run during my MBA program, is just to finish. And I’m OK with that!

  1. And it’s at the part of the year when the days are the shortest, so being in class from 8 am to 5 pm means that I was in class for all of the day light hours and thus couldn’t even do my long run after school! []
  2. It was supposed to be on Tuesday, but I had to do it on Monday because my Monday class was bumped to Tuesday due to the holiday on Monday. Totally clear, right? []


Is This A Thing That People Do?

This is a sign in the elevator in my building:

Sign in the elevator in my building

Run the dryer for 20 minutes after the laundry has finished drying to evaporate the water in the vent? Seriously? I’ve never heard of this before and it seems awfully environmentally unfriendly to do that. But then, I’m not much of a person for chores, so perhaps this is a thing that all people know you are supposed to do and you are all going to be “OMG, Beth, you haven’t been running the dryer for 20 extra minutes after every load of laundry? What is wrong with you??”

So tell me, Internets, am I crazy or are they?


Red Sharpie

I decided that the little red pen I’d been using to cross out the days left in school on the calendar just wasn’t quite satisfying enough, so I bought a red Sharpie.


So good.


Happy Birthday Mom!

Day 32

Happy birthday to the best mother around! I hope your day is filled with much joy and many Irish coffees! I love you!



Support Independent Media AND maybe win a weekend in Tofino!

So remember when I told you that you should support the Tyee, the award-winning Vancouver-based independent news magazine, to go national? Well I hope you have been procrastinating on actually doing that because have I got an offer for you!

If you go to this link to sign up to support the Tyee, then both you and I get entered into a draw for:

  • Two nights for two at BriMar Bed & Breakfast.
  • $150 gift certificate for Tofino’s popular Sobo restaurant.
  • A daytrip for two to Hot Springs Cove from Ocean Outfitters.

This is Tofino. Isn’t it gorgeous? Don’t you want me to go to there? Or maybe you could win the trip and then you could take me there!

Seeing as I’ve only been to Tofino to (1) jump into the freezing cold ocean in January and (2) run the most hilliest of half marathons ever, I think I really deserve a relaxing weekend there, don’t you? Of course you do. That’s why you are going to go to this link to support the Tyee.

So go to this link. Go there now!!


House Guests

For the next 11 days, I’m having some house guests.

Pepper has decided that she’s the Queen of the Bed:


And Taiko has decided that he’s Captain of the Chair:


Happily, neither of my house guests appear to have taken any notice of my fraggle of frogs. I’ve secured the tank lid to keep out curious kitties, but neither kitty has shown any interest whatsoever in my little amphibian buddies.

I did, however, learn from the label on their bag of cat food what part of the cat you insert the food into:


So that was a relief to have that clarified for me. I’m hoping that as long as I insert food into the cats as shown in this helpful diagram, they won’t go looking for a frog-sized snack.