Cool People

Cool People Who Are Coming to My Defence*
(in alphabetical order)
  • Jennifer Bedford
  • Danielle Billey
  • Shalu Duggal
  • Kalev Hunt
  • Jenny Lee
  • Laura Leemon
  • Sarah MacDonald-McLean
  • Kim Mayes
  • Dave McLean
  • Larry Mroz
  • Candice Rideout
  • Craig Smith
  • David Simpson
  • Ziba Vaghri

Cool People Who Will Be With Me In Spirit

  • Daniela (Whitehorse)
  • Jorge (Toronto)
  • JWo (Toronto)
  • Kaede (Toronto)
  • Nancy (Toronto)
  • Rebecca (Sudbury)
  • Steph (writing an exam! boo-urns!)

People Who Haven’t Yet Decided If They Are Cool Enough to Attend

  • Angela
  • Dave B
  • Dave K
  • Erika
  • Jordy

Uncool People Who Are Refusing to Come to My Graduation

My dad

*I’ll add people to this list if anyone else tells me that they are going to attend

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  • Does it count if I’ll be there in spirit?

    (Congrats and best of luck with your defense!)

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  • Rebecca — that totally counts! And has been duly noted in the new “cool people who will be with me in spirit” section!

    → Reply

  • I will be there in spirit to rally to your defense if you need it.

    Dave is actually picking up my spirit on the way to BC.

    → Reply

  • Thanks, Jorge! Your spirit can use its wicked martial arts skills if it needs to rally to my defence. Cool.

    → Reply

  • Good luck on your defense. Wish I could be there!

    Why isn’t your dad going to grad? Will your mom at least be there?

    → Reply

  • My mom, sister, brother-in-law and neice are all going to come to my grad. But my dad…. well, who would take care of the pigeons, Jen, who? Not that I’m bitter or anything.

    → Reply

  • B…don’t forget the chickens or the pheasants…

    It’s March 11th and I am at work, thinking that one month from today, I will be flying to Vancouver to see you!!

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