My Doppelgangers

The problem on the “Schedule of Upcoming Doctoral Examinations” has been solved, so I am no longer an anthropologist and/or sociologist. It turns out that Grad Studies had just linked to the info about the wrong Beth Simpson in their database, a Beth Simpson who apparently graduated in 2000.Which is good, ‘cuz I think I would have had a hard time defending that thesis. Especially because I’m so busy these days… you wouldn’t believe all the stuff I’ve been up to. Here’s just a sampling of the many things I’ve been doing lately, at least according to Google:

No wonder I’m so tired!

One Reply to “My Doppelgangers”

  1. Googling yourself to find other namesakes is a lot of fun! There are 2 other Jason Omo’s, one who got his computer science degree from a university in Guam (class valedictorian, no less!) and the other is a cop in Pennsylvania – i think.

    I can imagine that ‘Beth Simpson’ is a more common name, so you look a lot busier than me. 🙂

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