Palm Pilot Cozy

My sister knitted me this lovely Palm Pilot cozy for my birthday! Isn’t it stylin’?

Now I no longer have to worry about my Palm Pilot case getting scratched up (well, more scratched up than it already is) when I chuck it in my bag with various keys, pens, etc. Hooray for Nancy!

Now, I know that I’m going to alienate at least one of my blog readers (*cough* Rebecca) by saying this, but I totally don’t get the whole knitting thing. Knitting totally became the “in” thing to do when I wasn’t looking! How did that happen?

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  • I hate knitters, because I am jealous of them. I don’t have the patience for purling. Stich n’ bitch 4ever!


  • Heh 🙂

    It’s something easy to do while watching TV or waiting for stuff to download. But now that I’m working on my first pair of fancy socks, the stress is making me forget why I started in the first place 🙂

    Nice cozy, though!


  • lol! Ya, I don’t think that knitting, being a nice pastime, should be stressful!

    My sister started knitting because she wanted to do something that didn’t involve sitting at a computer all day during her mat leave and because our Granny refused to teach her how to knit when she was little because “left handed people can’t knit!” And no one tells my sister what she can or cannot do!


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