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Here is a pic of my bike, in all it’s bicycliciousness.

My bike, which I’ve had since grade 8, when not in use, lives in my laundry room, along with laundry supplies, a gas can, a spare toilet brush, an old toaster and a bag of dirt. Good times.

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  • That is bicyclicious. But can I ask about the bag of dirt. Paricularly, why you have it? Is that what you give Paul for a pillow when he comes to visit?


  • Damn, that’s a good idea, Dave! I actually bought it last summer when I was under the delusion that I could have plants that wouldn’t die. I bought two plants (a jade plant that i named Lily and a purple heart plant that I named Petunia — 10 points to the first person who catches that reference) from the UBC Greenhouse and I needed to re-plant them into proper pots, but could only find a giant bag of dirt at the store. Petunia died, but Lily is still limping along.


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