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Well, I’m off to Kelowna for a few days. Try not to miss me too much!

I’m going with a few other grad students to visit a few elementary schools to do fun science activities with the kids. Should be good times.

In honour of this trip, I give you my two favourite quotations about science:

“Ah science. All the fun of sitting still, writing down numbers, paying attention. Yes, science has it all”.
— Principal Skinner

“This one goes out to the scientists. They study hard, but they fuck harder.”
— Random DJ at a club in London, ON

6 Responses to Kelowna

  1. Jay says:

    Hurrah Kelowna! Have fun.

  2. Stacia says:

    That sounds like more fun than grading papers!

  3. Sarah says:


    Hope that Kelowna was fun. We will be seeing you in just under 2 weeks!!

  4. HMP says:

    Beth, I did not read your post about your bike-tastic adventure, because I am in school, and it seemed a little dense on the words. I did, however, look at the picture of your bike. Nice.

    I think Kelowna is either a resort area, in the boondocks, or a developing country I have barely heard of, similar to Burkina Faso.

  5. Beth says:


    It is all of the above.

    Actually, it’s a city in the British Columbia Interior (not far from Big White Ski Resort). It’s been in the news recently because (a) UBC set up a franchise there, and (b) half the city burned down about 2 years ago. Good times.

  6. Jorge says:

    I hope you used lots of Cesium and water.

    Sodium and water is so boring these days.

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