OK, so when I started writing my blog posting yesterday, there were two things I meant to write about that I totally didn’t include. I think it may have been because I was multi-tasking (read: trying to chat with too many people at the same time as writing my blog). Or perhaps I was just tired. Yes, let’s go with tired.

So, the two things are (in no particular order):

  • the return of ARM! at the PNE on Monday, about halfway through the SuperDogs, I noticed that my ribs really hurt. But I couldn’t figure out why. And then I noticed my neck was sore! But this was two days after my Saturday night at the Royal, not the next day. I think this is a case of late-onset ARM*.
  • I thought I invented a word by I didn’t. While having dinner on Sunday, I spontaneously came up with the word “nonline” to describe things that aren’t done online. As in, “I don’t have much luck with the boys I meet nonline” or “I was chatting nonline with my friend.” Drunk on the power of my previous Urban Dictionary submission, I trotted off the next chance I got to UD to add “nonline” and guess what I discovered? Someone else had just put my definition of nonline up on UDonly 10 days before! Isn’t that bizarre?

In other news, my Palm Pilot calendar on my desktop went berserkers and deleted all my records from July, August & September. But since I have such a terrible memory, I really rely on my calendar to tell me what I’ve been doing with my time. And when I tried to hot sync my Palm Pilot to get those records back onto the desktop version of the calendar, it erased the records from the Palm Pilot itself. And it told me that I had more than the maximum number of allowable records in the calendar and I should delete some. Since when is there a maximum number of allowable records? This is the first I’ve heard of it! I mean, it gives you an unending calendar for goodness sake! But then I added a few in and hot synced it, just to test it and it added them fine. So wtf is up with you, Palm Pilot??

And the bus I took on the way home from campus today made a wrong turn. Seriously. The *bus driver* forgot where he was going and turned right when he should have turned left. And so he had to make a u-turn. In a bus.

Is it a full moon?

*Dave, I would just like to point out that I tried to search your blog to find the original ARM post to link it here and your stupid Blogger Beta wouldn’t search your blog. Boo-urns to Blogger Beta!!!

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