To Love, Honour and Kill Spiders For

With all the weddings I’ve been going to lately, and the ensuing discussions about removing “obey” from the old wedding vows, I’ve decided that, should I ever get married again, this post’s title is the vow I would want my partner to make.

In other news, I’ve nearly recovered from the trauma of discovering a wolf spider crawling amongst my dishware. I’m no longer completely terrified1 to enter the kitchen and have even progressed to being able to open up the cupboard in which said monster was found with only minor heart palpitations.

1my terror has been downgraded to merely “severe”.

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  • I wat gonna look up wolf spider on wikipedia and then I thought… nah! I’m about to go to bed so I want to be able to sleep.

    Don’t your mean your terror has gone down to orange (from red)? 😛


  • Wow.

    You and I could never get married.

    Spiders are great! They take care of all the other insects. Same goes for centipedes.

    I’ve negotiated a treaty in which they only come out between 3 AM and 5:30 AM.


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