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Since some people around here don’t seem to think that pasting a screen shot of the Cypress Mountain website is a sufficient blog posting1and some people seem to think I’m not slothful enough0, and *despite* the fact that I’m totally exhausted and should be sleeping right now, I give you this blog posting (a) to ensure that no one tries to claim I missed a day of posting and (b) it was already three quarters written.

In the last month, I have watched approximately 4.5 seasons of various television shows. The breakdown goes something like this:

  • Lost – Season 1
  • Lost – Season 2
  • Lost – Season 3
  • Veronica Mars – most of Season 1
  • Heroes2 – about half of Season 1

In my ongoing efforts to be the last person on earth to report on things7, I really liked Lost. Various people have told me that they like one season, but didn’t like another one, but I’ve really liked all of it so far8 I especially enjoyed having the luxury of chainsmoking the episodes, as that show is (a) so damn interconnected and (b) full of cliffhangers, it helps me keep plotlines and characters straight and I like finding out right away what happens after any given cliffhanger.

VM Season 1 is a damn good mystery (well, a bunch of damn good mysteries really) and I can’t wait to get to the end of the season to see whodunit. But I won’t get to do that ’til next week ‘cuz this week has been crazy busy what with all the time I’m spending panicking about my first lecture on Friday.

Heroes is quite enjoyable, but I have stay here and now for all the Internets to read, I cannot – I repeat, CANNOT – stand the part at the beginning and end when Mohinder does his voiceovers. You can tell that they think it sounds cool, but if listen to what he’s actually saying, it never makes any sense. Gah!! On the bright side, the show is entertaining, there’s lots of mystery (and who doesn’t like mystery?) and, as of yet, there are no spiders in it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to sleep. Like right freaking now!

0my blog readers are starting to get so demanding, aren’t they?
1 which it *so* is, by the way
2In HD3. And Surround Sound. God damn, I like HD with Surround Sound.
3Speaking of HD, if there is anything better in life that Canucks games in HD, I haven’t experienced it4.
4Well, other than the obvious. But HD hockey is pretty spectacular too!5
5My sister and her boyfriend were ordering a big TV when I was in Toronto with their Christmas gift money and I said to my sis, “Whatever you do, don’t let “Grampa”6 watch hockey in high def on your TV, or he’ll be moving into your house before you know it.” My niece, hearing this, exclaimed with a great deal of concern in her voice, “But Grampa likes hockey!”
6We refer to my dad as “Grampa” now, because Madeline is, of course, the ultimate frame of reference.
7Everyone wants to bring you the breaking news, but it takes a real superstar, such as myself, to report on things years after they ceased to be news.
8With the notable exception of 2 scenes in the Nicki & Paulo episode that contained friggin’ spiders.

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  • The Mohinder voiceovers are the BANE of Heroes… they’re so lame and “I’m trying WAAAAAY too hard to sound meaningful and, like Beth says, I make NO sense whatsoever.”

    Well, there are also several other flaws with Heroes, which is not the perfectly awesome show so many seem to think it is. Although it definitely has moments of awesomeness.


  • Reply

  • Tod! How could you not?! I mean even though they are the stupidest words imaginable, he does have a cool distinctive voice! 🙂


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