First Day of School

Picture it, a few years from now:

Person 1: UBC, 2008. You were in my class!
Me: I was your teacher.1

Just like when you are a student, being the instructor brings up all the same insecurities:

  • Will I know enough? Have I forgotten everything I’ve learned before?
  • Will the other kids like me?
  • What will I wear?

I had the last one covered at least2:


May I direct your attention to my shiny new boots, which I bought to replace my beloved old boots, but that I can actually wear to such things as work and teaching, unlike my new eBay boots.

1Good old ’80s (or was it ’90s) TV commercials!
2My head is cut off in this photo because I looked terrible! My face looked fat (because I wasn’t doing my patented head tilt) and my horrible teeth were showing.

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  • If it helps any, I think you should wear the eBay boots to things like work & teaching. Shake things up a little. 🙂


  • You should definitely wear the eBay boots to teaching. You might end up killing a few of the engineers as you’re setting up!

    Please note: wonderful photo courtesy of Kalev. No, I did not deliberately cut off Beth’s head. That was her later with Photoshop.

    The commercial was from the 90s or maybe even the early 2000s. You’d be surprised how old something from the beginning of the millennium can seem. (Yes, I know the millennium didn’t REALLY begin until 2001 but please, it’s too hard to always adjust for that, okay?)


  • I love the boots! I would wear the e-bay boots teaching too though. Show them you could be a wild and smart!


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  • […] Not To Be Trusted With Knives {October 3, 2008}   Children Love My Footwear Last week I was walking through Children’s Hospital and a little girl, maybe 2 or 3 years old was staring wide-eyed at my feet.  She then pointed and yelled at the top of her little lungs: “LOOK!!!  BOOTS!!!”  “Yes,” her dad said, “The lady has on very nice boots.” […]


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