As if it isn’t bad enough that I can’t eat delicious, delicious Mini-Wheats due to their gelatin-containing (and my gelatin non-eating)  ways, now they are tempting me with a free Indiana Jones “Adventure Spoon”.

And I could really use an “Adventure Spoon” to liven up my breakfast, what with the no Mini-Wheats in my bowl.

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  1. I agree – you really should have an ‘Adventure Spoon’, especially given the Mini-Wheats-free life in which you live. Might I suggest Shredded Wheat with some of your vegan marshmallows? It’s not quite Mini-Wheats, but it might do the trick.

  2. Hmm… that might work. If I hadn’t eaten all the marshmallows. I’ve emailed the local fru fru grocery stores, so if they start carrying the ‘mallows, I might just give this a try.

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