Update on My Knee Injury

Yesterday, I wore these bacon band-aids to cover up my hideously scraped knee:

Props to my sister who gave me a pack of bacon band-aids. She thinks it’s funny to get me things that look like meat, what with me being a vegetarian and all. These band-aids got me a fair bit of attention and I am, after all, an attention whore.

6 Replies to “Update on My Knee Injury”

  1. Haha. I want to share my horrible fall-down story. A few years ago I was riding my bike and missed the curb and fell (in front of the entire college campus). Bloody knee #1.

    Next day I left for Mexico City. As I walked across the street in my shorts (which apparently gave away the fact that I was American)I tripped in a pothole and bloodied/rebloodied both knees. With nothing to wipe them with, I just keeeeeeept walking.

    I feel your pain. Literally.

  2. There, there. I hope it doesn’t hurt. My experience is that it hurts killer in that area just below the knee especially when u bent ur knee for sitting or standing back up.

    And may I say…that you have killer legs!!! 😉

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