True or False

I was named after this song:

Geek neophyte question: Does anyone know how to make that poll centred?  Right now I have <p style=”text-align:center;”>POLL CODE</p>, which is how I have the YouTube video centred, but it doesn’t appear to actually make the poll centred =(

Update: Via Twitter, Raincoaster suggested trying <div style=”text-align:center;”>. This works in Internet Explorer, but the poll remains uncentred in Firefox and Sarafi.  Weird.  But thanks to Raincoaster for getting me part of the way there!

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  1. You might try DIV, as in <DIV ALIGN=”CENTER”> stuff </DIV>. That is a good reliable old school way to center content while keeping it nested in its present box(es). Then again, I’ve found WordPress very selective about what HTML it does not strip from postings (at least, this was the case about a year ago when I was making a study of the process.) Anyway, if my idea is valid, thenthis clause should be centered.

    If the above bit came out right and that technique doesn’t work for your poll, then there may be code in the poll that interferes. It may be an obviously alignment parameter, but it may also be something subtle and insidious. In any case, best of luck on the fix. Little stuff like that really bugs me too.

  2. Okay, I could not incorporate that sort of HTML in my comment. There is a good chance WordPress doesn’t enable DIV tags in posts either. It may be some complex interaction where the poll code asks for as much horizontal space as it can get so WordPress renders it as part of a line of maximum available length (which is then uselessly centered.) It may help to include BR tags immediately before and after the poll, or even insert them into the poll code. This would be done to make sure the rendered gizmo exists on its own line, without any invisible companions taking up space and throwing off the balance. If that doesn’t work, then I advice covering it in dramatic makeup, using lots of pyrotechnics, and hoping the audience is sufficiently distracted to be unconcerned about layout issues. 😉

  3. Uhm… why can we vote for both True and False? Poll creator fail.

    When I can’t get something to centre in HTML, I usually just through deprecated <center> tags around it.

    From the look of the source, all the <div> tags in the poll are interfering/overriding your <p> tags. So I would try Demonweed’s suggestion.

  4. Gah! Stupid WordPress strips out the ALIGN=”CENTER” from the DIV tag… and it strips out the and tags when I tried that. I’ve known for a long time that it strips out non-breaking space  

    @Kalev – you can’t vote for both True and False because if I was named after Kiss’ song is either True or it is False. Those options are mutually exclusive and collective exhaustive.

  5. Couldn’t we just agree that quantum mechanics implies that a subset of universes exist in which our hostess was named after a Kiss tune and a subset of universes exist in which her name was otherwise inspired? Actually, I don’t suppose so, because my inexpert opinion has always doubted that interpretation of quantum mechanics. Still, it would be a convenient way to circumvent mutual exclusivity.

    . . . Demonweed fades away from his evening of intemperance wondering if “Mutual Exclusivity” is the worst band name ever, the best possible name for a band’s second album, both, or neither.

  6. I hadn’t realized that I should have phrased the question: True or false – Dr. Beth was named after the 1976 Kiss song “Beth” in this particular universe. My bad.

  7. @Beth: Well, your poll is flawed, because I just voted for both True and False… which is what I was trying to point out–your poll is not using option buttons, it’s using checkboxes, so people can select both True and False in their answer.

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