Single Transferable Vote – In The Words of Christy Clark

Kalev brought this video to my attention:

I find this video remarkable candid. Clark admits that when she was a politician, she voted against — and campaigned against — the Single Transferrable Vote (BC-STV) in the last referendum because the old system — First-Past-The-Post — served her interests as a politician, not because it served the voters’ interests. She’s gotten out of politics and she’s now coming out for BC-STV as better for the interests of the average voter — watch the video and listen to her reasons why.

You can also see a transcript of Ms. Clark’s words here.

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Re: DarrenCancel

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  • Her central point is sound, but her delivery is shamefully silly. Did we really need to hear about the generation that fought and died for our right to vote, or “the hacks and the backroom boys”?I find this “fighting the good fight for the common man” so common on radio, and it’s why I never listen.

    Darren’s last blog post..Who Should I Vote For on May 12?


  • And it’s not just any radio station – it’s CKNW (which I like to refer to as “old white guy yelling at you radio”) – I think her delivery fits in for that audience (which I, like you, am not part of).


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