Congrats To Alicia & Paul!

Saturday was Alicia & Paul’s wedding.  It was lovely – everything was beautiful and it is was so obvious how much in love they are. Even the minister pointed out that they had the most passionate kiss he’s ever seen in a wedding!

IMG_4846 by you.

My pictures aren’t all that good, because my camera is just a crappy point-and-shoot and I’m not a particularly good photographer.  Believe it or not, but the fuzzy picture above is probably the best one I got of them!  But this one (below) is one of my favourites of the pictures that I took: Alicia & her mom, Georgina, walking down the aisle.

IMG_4832 by you.

I really liked Alicia’s dress!

IMG_4866 by you.

I also, if I do say so myself, loved my own dress:

IMG_4865 by you.

IMG_4868 by you.

So, congrats to Alicia & Paul, who are in St. Lucia on their honeymoon, so won’t see this posting for a couple of weeks anyway!

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