My Car is CYBORG!

So Zaphod finally got her new rear window today.  When I brought her into the car hospital for a diagnosis last week, they confirmed that she did, indeed, need a new rear window.  At first they thought that they’d have to have one shipped in from the factory (which is in France), but they were able to find one that was out east and had that shipped here instead.  And so now that’s she’s had her original rear window replaced, she’s a part-car, part-machine cyborg.

I still love her though.

IMG_4871 by you.

Zapod before her surgery.

IMG_4871 by you.

Zaphod the post-surgery cyborg.

3 Replies to “My Car is CYBORG!”

  1. Has anyone ever mentioned what a nutjob you are?

    I mean, a funny nutjob, for sure, but a nutjob. 😛

    So your car is now Dr. Car The Cyborg? 😛

  2. @Kalev – Why do you have such trouble remembering that my car is named Zaphod Beeblebrox the Cyborg Car? And usually you have such a good memory…

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