#32 – Response to Dan’s Guest Posting

So, as I was reading Dan’s guest posting when he sent it to me, I kept saying things in response. Like, outloud. Like, as if Dan were here.  So I figure that will make as good a posting as any right now!  His words in <blockquotes>, my responses beneath.

pants wearing spider

Pretty much the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Terrifying, but funny.

But who can really blame beer for anything? It’s all tasty and wonderful and full of wholesome goodness.

And B vitamins. It is also full of B vitamins.

In fact, it’s my first blog entry ever. I’m a blog virgin if you will.

It’s an honour to take your blog virginity, Dan. Your bloginity1.

Nervous, because I don’t really know what to write about, and I have a lot to live up to, especially given the awesomeness of the posts that one regularly reads here.

*Blushes*  Seriously, though, you and my other guest posters are totally blowing me out of the water today!

In fact, based on my experience, most people tend to find a reason to leave the conversation if ever I go on a statistically laced rampage.

For the record, I’m not one of those “most people.” I actually email Dan to ask stats questions. Or to rant about other people’s misuse of stats.  Because I am awesome like that.

I find myself a child of the tender age of [insert whatever age one would be in grades 1 and 2]

6 or 7. You are in kindergarten when you are 5. 5 +1 = 6.  Yay me!

book A: Happy Days for Mr. Mugs

Oh Mr. Mugs!  I *loved* Mr. Mugs!

The title spoke to me: “Where the Wild Things Are”. [and all the stuff you write after this]

So, just the other day when Kalev and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie, we saw the preview for Where the Wild Things Are and Kalev was like “Do you have fond childhood memories of that book?” and I was all “I have never even heard of that book in my life!” and he was all “Everyone is talking about how this is like the most important book of their childhood! And I don’t have these fond childhood memories that everyone else seems to have.”  And so when I read your posting I was like “OMG! This is exactly what Kalev was talking about!”  And it sounds like really powerful stuff. And now I totally want to read it.  I don’t imagine it will have the same impact on me now as it did on you then, but I want to read it nonetheless.


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