#33 – At Workspace!

Decided to go for a change of scenery, so Tod and I are now at Workspace, where a slew of other bloggers are Blogathoning!  I’d post a pic but it’s time to post, so this is just going to have to be the shortest blog post of the day!

What’s Workspace, you ask?  It’s this: http://www.abetterplacetowork.com/

Mad props to Workspace for letting us blog here today!

blog468x60 by you.Don’t forget to donate!

Read about the charity that I’m supporting, Options for Sexual Health!

14 Replies to “#33 – At Workspace!”

  1. Hey Dr. Beth, can one still donate tomorrow? I'm in my bed all comfy and whatnot and realized I haven't donated yet. Sadly, my blankets are apparently made of lead. I am trapped here, while my card of credit lays downstairs. Anyway, I will likely be up at 730ish, so I'm sure I will catch you on the flip side during the tail end of your blogventure. Great work today, I've enjoyed every blog.

  2. I do live in the future. But don't worry, the prime directive prohibits me from altering your natural evolutionary path.

  3. You can donate sans credit card… you pay up later. Plus: you don't have your credit card number memorized?! What kind of numbers-guy are you? 😛

  4. Oh my gosh, that is HILARIOUS!

    The Prime Directive.

    The whole living in the future thing is weird about Ontario. I don't think I'll like it.

  5. True, I do not have my new credit card number memorized as of yet. Well, sort of. I remember 12 of the numbers; the first 8 and the last 4. It's the stuff in between that I'm a bit fuzzy on. Granted, it's new so I have yet to feel confident about knowing the entire thing off the top of my head. I do however have many other numbers memorized; e.g., AirMiles, SIN, Bank Card number, etc. I LOVE NUMBERS. WOOT!

  6. Don't be afraid. You should get a “So, it's your first time in the future” package when you arrive. It should answer all your temporally related questions. What's weird is that we already know your questions so have filled in the appropriate answers for you.

  7. Best money collecting scheme EVER.

    Well, except for maybe the girl scouts. They come armed with baseball bats AND cuteness. They suck you in with their promise of cookie deliciousness, then take you out with their bat encouraged payments. Sadistic little kids.

  8. That is so exciting, I would have LOVED to get together with a bunch of bloggers, there were no get togethers in my area. Booo. :

    Glad you're enjoying Blogathon!!

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