#5 – So Disappointing

Here’s a posting based on an image that I scanned a million years ago with the intention to blog it, but never got around to it:

I bought a new curling iron.  This warning came with it:curling iron warning by you.

So disappointing. ‘cuz I was totally planning to curl my eyes with it.

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  • Perhaps for some, it doubles as an eyelash curler? Although those things FREAK ME OUT (the ones that don't use heat). I have an eye thing, so YUCK.

    Speaking of eyelashes, Teddy's are so dark and perfectly curled, I've had someone ask me “Do you curl them?”. Yes. I curl the eyelashes of my 6 month old son. I have that much time and dexterity, and I am THAT vain (on his behalf).


  • LOL!! You should tell them that you also put mascara on him!

    I've never used an eyelash curler, as I feel that the curl of my lashes are just fine the way they are. But Danielle used to have to use on every day because her eyes naturally curl the opposite way, so if she didn't, her eyelashes actually curl into her eyes! Icky!


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  • My eyelashes still poke me regularly. To make matters worse, they touch my glasses. This results in a build up of what I like to call 'eye lash goo' on my lenses. Most annoying to clean. I'd cut my eyelashes if I didn't fear two things about the act:
    1. my vision isn't necessarily the best. Hence, scissors + eyes + shaky vision = disaster waiting to happen, and
    2. my fear that they would grow back thicker, longer and angry.


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