#47 – Cool Words

Words I love:

  • characterological
  • exegesis
  • juxtaposition
  • phagocytosis

Words I hate:

  • problematize
  • hegemony

Words I feel like I should love or hate, but about which I haven’t yet formed an opinion:

  • evaluand
  • expectorate

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9 Replies to “#47 – Cool Words”

  1. Ahhh! Teddy slept in so I'm coming in late with my near-the-end encouragement. You are a rock star! Keep on keeping on!

    Now to catch up with the last eight hours of posts…

  2. I love shenanigans… and the word, too. 😛

    I'm pretty sure I can't hate problematize or hegemony by law as a sociologist. But I definitely prefer hegemony over problematize.

    I do like “hegemonic.”

    One word I hate is the use of “architect” as a verb. As in technobabble management-ese when people say things like, “We need to architect a solution.” Like Dear Dumbasses with no language skills, there's already a fucking verb for that: we call it “design.”

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