#44 – Word to Your Moms, I Came to Drop Bombs

I’m totally not going to do this title justice.  But it’s the middle of the goddamn night and my brain is fried, so I’ll take what I can get at this point.


All out of nowhere, everyone seems to have babies!  I’m currently reading no fewer than THREE blogs written by women with new babies (all of whom I knew pre-baby).  And I have to say – I find them riveting.  It’s quite interesting as a non-mom to get some insight into the world of having a baby.  Plus my sister, as anyone who reads this blog regularly, is a mom.  A supermom!  Also, I have another good friend who is preggers – not sure if it’s common knowledge yet, though, so I shan’t mention her name here for the moment.  In addition – I have a Mom.  She rocks.

OK, so that covers the “Word to Your Moms.”

Now, I came to drop bombs.  I wish I had some huge big news (i.e., a bombshell) to drop here, ‘cuz how awesome would that be. But I don’t. Because I’ve been writing for more than 21 hours, so I’ve pretty much told you ever single thing that is in my brain. And none of it is really a bomb.  So instead, I’ll drop the f-bomb.


Thus concludes, Word to Your Moms, I Came to Drop Bombs.

I’m tired.

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