A Month of Babies

For me, September is going to be a month o’ babies.  First up, I’m babysitting my friends Clayton & Jodelene’s baby next Saturday while they go to a Sarah McLaughlin concert.  Mason is six months old and so so so so cute!  I’m really looking forward to hanging out with Mason for the afternoon.

The next weekend brings Sarah and Dave and their baby, Teddy, to town from Ottawa.  Teddy is seven months old and so so so so cute! And I’m the worst aunt in the world, ‘cuz I haven’t even met Teddy yet, so I’m ridiculously excited to finally meet him!  While they are here, we are also going to meet up with Sarah’s friends Deepa and David and their baby, Sarojini. I’ve only seen a couple of photos of her from when she was born (so so so so cute!) and she’s about five months old now so she’ll be sooo much bigger than those photos.

And then the weekend after that my sister, her bf and my neice are coming to visit.  And, ok, my neice is almost five years old, so she’s not exactly a baby anymore. But she’s always be my little baby!  And I’m super duper excited to see all of them. And to take Madeline for a drive in my Smart Car!  Also, they are going to come and watch me play hockey. Yay!

4 Replies to “A Month of Babies”

  1. We are super excited to come and visit!

    It looks like Nancy moved her weekend — is she coming the weekend of my birthday? I hope that our weekends don't conflict, or else it'll be craziness for you!

  2. You are in no way a bad aunt! You live, like, 8724 kilometers away. If you lived in Kanata or something, then you might be a bad aunt. (I would be awesome if you lived in Kanata, BTW.)

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