This is why I’m not allowed to buy any more black shirts

In the downsizing for his big move to Toronto, Kalev gave me his dresser1. This has prompted me to work through my wardrobe, much of which has, up until now, been piled on the shelves seen on the photo below. I’m working on deciding what’s worth keeping and what to give to the thrift store. As I get things organized, I’m emptying these shelves to put more shelf-appropriate items2  on them and put my clothing into the dresser3.  As you can see by the messy pile on the second shelf, I’m only part way through my work, but the top shelf shows you why I’ve forbidden myself to buy any more black shirts.

This is why I'm not allowed to buy any more black shirts by you.

  1. I realize I haven’t blogged about Kalev moving to T.O. It’s too sad to blog about, imho. In short, he’s gone there for grad school and I’m sure he’ll have a blast and make tonnes of new friends, but it leaves me without my Kalev to hang out with! Boo! []
  2. such as books or photos []
  3. I’ve been dresser-less for quite some time now []

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