Vancouver Public Library Trash Talks The Maple Leafs

Just saw this on Twitter and it was too funny not to share with you:

Screen shot 2009-10-24 at 11.38.00 AM

And when you follow the link, you get this search result from the Vancouver Public Library’s catalog:

Library Trash Talks The Leafs

In truth, I think it’s the Toronto Maple Leaf *players* that need those books, rather than fans.

And I just tried to do a search for books that Leafs fans might find useful and got this unexpected, but hilarious result:

Get a Life

My father, as I’ve mentioned before, is a big Leafs fan.  He also listens to country music.

The conclusion here: the Vancouver Public Library hates my father.

3 Replies to “Vancouver Public Library Trash Talks The Maple Leafs”

  1. Hi Beth! We're so glad you enjoyed the comment. But rest assured, we don't hate your father. We treat everyone equally at VPL, even if they have questionable taste in sports teams. 🙂

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